Fast Kids - Fun, Agility, Speed and Technique Fast Kids exists to give children a love for sport while equipping them with core fundamental motor and fitness skills necessary for their future participation.

The programmes use equipment that is bright, safe and colourful thereby offering immediate appeal to children and leaders. They are underpinned by a child centred philosophy which promotes teamwork, avoids over specialisation at a young age and uses appropriate competitions where the emphasis is placed on having fun and doing one’s best for the team.

Olympic athlete James Nolan while coaching basic motor and fitness skills in South Africa became passionate about this approach and its potential benefits to children, communities and the country. On returning to Ireland and completing a BSc degree in Sports Management at University College Dublin (UCD) James was made aware, by Eamonn Henry (Coordinator Offaly Sports Partnership), of the poor results achieved by children in the “2008 Baseline Agility Challenge Study of Primary School Children in Co. Offaly” and the need for an intervention to address this. From these discussions the FAST KIDS concept was born. Its realisation is being made possible through the support of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and Offaly Sports Partnership.

Fast Kids Mission

Allow children have Fun while improving their Agility, Speed and movement Techniques.

Fast Kids Aim

To equip children with the core fundamental motor and fitness skills for their future involvement in and love for sport and to improve their future health status and quality of life through the provision of direct and appropriate child centred training and upskilling for teachers, coaches and volunteers to appropriately train children.

James Nolan and Eamonn Henry